Hollywood Music Workshop 2015

Review and more pictures coming very soon.Stay tuned for exciting announcements on HMW 2016.

Hollywood Music Workshop

July 9 – August 2, 2015

Baden near Vienna / Austria

See what happened at HMW 2015.

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Orchestration & Arranging

From basic instrumentation to complete execution of a score, every step of writing professionally for an orchestra in today’s film world will be addressed.

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Composition & Recording

The core objectives of the course are to demonstrate the importance of melody and improve the students’ ability to write memorably melodies in song form and to pass on knowledge of useful techniques and devices for scoring horror, thriller, and suspense (HTS) films through discussion and analysis of an entire feature film.

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Animation & EIS-Method

Introduction to composition for animation and an in-depth view of the EIS-Method.

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