On Camera Acting Techniques and Scene Study

With Christoph Dostal, July 28 – 30

  • Knowing how to set up your shot – Differences on super close up, close up, medium shot and a wide shot
  • Less is more but don’t be flat! Balance between mugging and being boring
  • Do your emotions translate to the screen? Understanding how the camera reads your face
  • What risks can you take? Developing the technical savvy to make sure your risks land
  • Marking – How to always land on your mark (entering frame, sitting down, getting up, walking in a moving shot etc.)
  • Matching – Pitfalls when drinking, eating or smoking in a scene
  • How to consciously create tension in a scene
  • Rhythm and pacing in your line delivery and in your movement
  • How to make your performance more unique and interesting
  • Understanding the script and how to bring it to life
  • Building a performance for the camera
  • Staying focused and spontaneous
  • The techniques of “Slating” and „Cold reading“ at the audition
  • Not in Hollywood – no problem. E-casting is the future. How to master self-taping

Every actor will perform multiple scenes. Every scene will be recorded, watched on the monitor/screen and analyzed in the group. The recorded scenes belong to you and can be used for your ongoing acting work.

Three day master class for professional actors (beginning to advanced level). July 28-30, 2017, 7-hours per day.

Course Requirements:

  • Please email your resume and headshot and if available links to website, showreel and agency.
  • At least one year of ongoing acting training or professional experience.
  • Ability to understand English.
  • Please bring an Apple Mac (OS X) compatible USB stick with at least 20 GB storage so that Christoph can upload all your scenes for you.

 Working in English

This course will be held in English and if wanted also in German. If you prefer to only do scenes in German you MUST let the organizers know two weeks before the course starts so that Christoph can prepare scenes in German for you.
English is not your first tongue but you want to enhance your performance in this language to get a foot into the English speaking market? You will be much more comfortable acting in English after taking this course and still be “yourself” when acting in a foreign language.

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Christoph Dostal has been living and working as an actor in these film industry markets: The German speaking market, the UK and the US market. He is bilingual (German + English) and knows the cultural differences and the dos and don’ts of these markets from his own 25 year long experience.
Whilst studying acting in Vienna Christoph won the leading role in Wolfgang Murnberger´s feature film FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. The film won the Viennese Film Prize and was the official Austrian entry for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars.
His acting work in British TV includes the prime-time TV-movies SWORD OF HONOUR (starring Daniel Craig, Channel 4) and THE WAITING TIME (starring John Thaw, ITV).
Steven Spielberg cast him for his Golden Globe winning TV series BAND OF BROTHERS, directed by Oscar winner Tom Hanks.
After receiving an invitation to play a series regular role in one of the longest running German TV series, FORBIDDEN LOVE (ARD), Dostal moved from London to Cologne.
After a year and a half he did not renew his TV contract, in order to produce two one-man-shows, which he has been performing in theaters across the US, Europe, Mexico, Georgia, Armenia, South Korea and Brazil.
Christoph’s home is Los Angeles, where he is a proud member of the SAG-AFTRA acting union. He is currently starring in the movie WINWIN.

In addition to his acting he trained ballet and modern dance at the renowned London Contemporary Dance School and worked as a dancer in various, international dance companies. Christoph is convinced that his dance training helps him a great deal in his acting work. Besides pursuing his acting, Christoph has just been appointed artistic director of the beautiful historic Stadttheater Wr. Neustadt.

25+ years of consistent work as an actor as well as being a member of the American Screen Actors Guild Film Society and voting in all categories for the SAG Awards each year give him a thorough insight into trends in Hollywood as well as international television and film productions.

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